World Of Helium

For us, our beginning was nothing short of a big bang. The leap of faith occurred rather quickly. Our request to wholesale the products of one whippersnapper hair styling products company of America was denied (thank god for that.) It precipitated the process (albeit a long one) to come up with our hairstyling products, the kind of which we had not found in India. The research started in Nov, Dev 2014. Our products went live on sale (on our website, we do not sell at any website other than on 16th Jan 2016. Our first sale occurred on the same day. Dhruv Sood (from Nagpur) was our first customer. "Hey, Dhruv!" And since then we have chugged along the troughs and crests with equal aplomb.

Assiduity - Sit down on your ass until you do it - Charlie Munger (Don't know him? Google, seriously Google!) We strive to bring cutting-edge products to market. We find it very difficult to do that. There are variables of variables, some of which are scientific, which vary on a frequent basis. But then we look at mobile handset makers and feel very chuffed about the varying of the variables of variables that we have to deal with.

We have a fiercely independent streak towards product development. It takes time. But then, there is some equivalent quote about diamond, pressure, time, etc. We don't aspire to be a diamond (or any stone for that matter,) but we do aspire to be the best men's lifestyle products company. So, whatever it takes or whatever we can do to get there is acceptable. If time is the currency then we invest.

If we could convert all the hits to our "World of Helium" page into sales, we would have a meaty gain in our income. Well no complaints, we like the intrigue about our team... thanks, reader, for reading this far on this page. A wise man has applied Mandlebrot's Fractals and power laws (which implies that 80% of work is done by 20% of people) to arrive at a simpler law of work and people doing that work. It comes down to this - 50% work is done by 1% of employees. So we believe that about 2 employees are good enough to get 100% of our work. That's an analogy and anyway, we replaced % with "employees" above. But it lays down our philosophy - A right worker gets a lot of work done. We are a small team focussed on creating not just products but an experience. While we have your attention - we would like you to know that we are looking for people who know how to run ads on digital platforms (Those 2!) 


While admiration for efficacy and safety of products motivates us to work harder, it also confirms our viewpoint that men in India have long endured rubbish and dirt in bottles and tubes. Safety (at least for us) is not a product feature, it is the basis, it is the platform on which products are built. It is surprising that it hasn't been such all along. If we could do it with panache on a shoestring budget then everyone can do it. Probably it requires time, assiduity and perseverance, but it can be done. So here we raise a toast to our motto - "Safety First."