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Product Review (submitted on May 29, 2017):
It is a very good product. The price might seem a little too high but you are getting 100 ml is enough for 4-5 months of use because of it being a clay. For clays, a little product always goes a long way into giving you what is advertised.

The smell is decent. It is a little artificial but doesn't smell to chemically.

It is hard and is a little difficult to take out of the can. It feels rough and warm while rubbing in the hands but is surprisingly easy to get through the hair. Your hands just glide through - no tugging or pulling. It also gives you a long window to style your hair aka doesn't dries up quickly which is always a good thing. Just make sure you style your hair 20 minutes prior to heading outside as it takes a while to dry.

Hold is on point. Once it dries in 20-30 minutes, the look you get is matte and it remains that way for a long long time. Of course wind will blow it out of place, but you can reshape it easily. All through this, you will not see any kind of roughness or stickiness. This product does not contain Alcohol which makes the hold provided really commendable.

Washing it off is a breeze. I instantly knew this when I washed my hands after applying the product. It just goes away without any trouble and leaves your hair with a little bit of added shine. They just feel healthier!

I really can say that about the volume. They say it provides a lot of volume, but I found the volume to be average. You need a vented brush and a blow drier for that quiff to be perfect. If your hair is thinner (or styled to be thinner on top) then you might get that advertised volume.