Spice it up! How to mix hair styling products for best results.


After spending much energy and time on explaining to people, how to cocktail and layer hair styling products we sat down and wrote a tutorial on cocktailing and layering – what is it, why you need to know it, and most importantly, how to do it yourself. Read on below for Mixing Hair Products 101.

  1. What is Cocktailing?

To begin with, it is a verb which a spell-checker will underline red. Lexicographers may afford to miss it but not those who are serious about styling their hair. The maxim “not one size fits all” is apt here. Your hair is different from that of your pal’s (well…in most cases) and a hair products company is not going to concoct a formula that suits your hair. But they make good enough variants which provide an opportunity to play chemist and develop an ideal solution specific to your hair type and texture.

From an overhead bulb’s view, it is mixing two products in hand before you apply it on your hair.

  1. What is Layering?

Layering is a distant cousin of cocktailing. As an engine is fine-tuned bit by bit to tease out a perfect balance between fuel efficiency and speed, layering can be such a weapon in your styling arsenal. If your hair does not hold enough with a pomade, use clay to toughen it up in place. Then dab the pomade on the frontal hair to impart shine. If the hair cream does not remove the frizzes in your long hair layer it with clay and then using a fine-toothed comb settle the frizzes down.

  1. When and Why should I mix products?

If you want to get a look like the one you get at a Salon then you need to start mixing. Seldom do stylists use just a single product on your hair.


  1. What are the steps to a cocktail?

  • Always identify your hair type.

  • Select products based on your desired look.

  • If a wet look is desired then start with towel-dried hair while if a matte finish is desired start with dry hair (preferably blow-dried.

  • Mix products. Emulsify the drier product first.

  • Spread evenly in hand.

  • Apply in hair all over. Spread it from root to tip.


  1. What are the steps to Layering?

  • Identify an avenue to improve the expected hairstyle.

  • Select the appropriate product to fine-tune the hairstyle. For example, a pomade to add shine or clay to remove frizzes.

  • Spread product evenly on hand.

  • Using both hands apply the product.

  • Dab and run over smoothly over the hair.


  1. Any tips on cocktailing for specific hair types? Straight, wavy, curly etc.

Here are the formulas that are hit with our customers:


– For that thick hair that needs to be cemented into place:  FhSf = ZC + IP

Firmest Hold/Shine Finish= ZeroG Clay + Iceman Pomade


-For longer, textured hair or curly hair: MhNf = CW + FC

Medium Hold/Natural Finish = Cardinal Wax +  Freshman Cream

** Layering will work well too here. Apply the wax and then press over pomade.



–For a controlled pompadour,  FhMf = ZC + CW

Firm Hold/Matte Finish = ZeroG Clay + Cardinal Wax

** For volume starts with Freshman as pre-styled, blow dry it and then apply the product.