Which Hair Styling Product Should I Use?

Picking an appropriate hair styling product can be a challenge. There are many companies selling different types of products. If you keep safety as the primary criteria for product selection then you can easily eliminate 80% of product choices. Don’t forget to see our blog on hair safety – WHAT MEN MUST KNOW ABOUT SAFETY OF HAIR!

Once you have eliminated the obvious then selecting a hair styling product becomes a simple play of your hair type and finish you seek.

Hair Type

There are primarily 3 types of hair – Straight (aka silky,) Wavy and Curly.

Wax for the Straight Hair

Hair Styling Product - Hair Wax

Straight hair is also called Silky in India. An extreme form of straight hair is Asian hair. These are extremely difficult to hold in one place. They slip slide and glide. Wax provides a kind of binding that provides some strength to individual hair strands and holds them together. The wax needs to be spread well in palms and then applied from root to tip. See the video at the end of this blog to know how to apply wax to your hair.

Clay for Curly or Wavy Hair

Hairstyling product - Hair Clay

These kind of hair are very difficult to shape. They are unruly. Bends and curves are intrinsic in such hair type. Curly and Wavy hair need a thick viscous agent to provide shape. Also, they need a strong foundation at the bottom of the hair strands to stay in the desired position. When applied appropriately from root to tip (see the video on how to apply) a clay provides volume, texture, and shape. It’s clay, sculpt the way you like.

Finish – Shine or Matte?

Hair Styling Product - Pomade

Here the question you need to answer is this – Do I want all day wet-looking hair or dry matte finish look? The wet look is appropriate for a date or a nightclub visit. It’s slick and neat. Pomades provide shine to your hair which makes them look wet. Pick a pomade with shine in case you want wet-looking hair.

If you want a formal corporate look, then a matte finish product would be appropriate. Clay and waxes provide a matte dry look to hair. Once you have decided on hold then find a product that will provide a matte finish.

Long Hair Don’t Care

Hair styling product. Hair Styling Cream

The type of long hair which go from the above forehead up to the neck behind do not need a high hold product. They need a light touch such that they remain detangled and frizz-free. A hair cream would be appropriate for this.

Pre-Style It

Don’t forget to apply a pre-styler (heat protectant) if you will be using heat-based styling tools. Your hair needs protection from heat during blow-drying or during hair ironing.

Food for Hair

And last but the most important. Hairs need Nourishment. Apply a hair nourishing cream to feed your hair, make them smell lovely and double it up as a styling agent.

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy! Stay Stylish!!