We are sure you have seen these words on a lot of hair products, “Sulphate free” and “Paraben-free.” Have you ever wondered what these words actually mean? Don’t worry because today we’ll be talking about these terms.



Paraben is a preservative. It is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus on hair products. There are different types of parabens, namely, butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben and isobutyl paraben. Parabens are harsh on the scalp and hair. Recent studies have found it to be more toxic than previously realized. Parabens may cause allergic reactions and worsen some skin conditions. Parabens can be absorbed through the skin. Intake of parabens is a possible concern because studies have shown that parabens have weak estrogen-like properties.  Estrogen is a female hormone which will cause breast cells (both normal and cancerous) to grow and divide



When you wash your hair with most shampoo(s) or Facewash, you will most likely work with a thick foam. This thick foam that many of us believe as the perfect cleaning visual, is actually produced by the sodium lauryl sulphate, placed in the shampoo or any facewash. Sodium lauryl sulphate reduces the surface tension between a liquid and a solid. This reduction in surface tension is what produces that rich foam. Once surface tension is removed, the barrier between your hair and the shampoo is eliminated, sodium lauryl sulphate then gets rid of the hair of oil and dirt. If sulphate shampoo gets in your eyes, you’ll feel an unbearable sting. In addition to being an irritant, another downside of using sulphates is that they can dry out your hair and skin which may lead to excessive hair fall. Sulphate-free formulas can be milder. They do not strip the natural oils out of your skin as much, so they are safer.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider switching to “Sulphate free” and “Paraben-free” hair products

A study from the University of Georgia Medicine showed that SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) had the power to permeate the eyes, brain, heart, and liver.

 These naturally derived products moisturize your hair. Once your hair is moisturized it is less prone to breakage and split ends. Soon you’ll notice reduced hair fall.

Sulphates remove the natural lipids of the scalp and its natural water barrier. Chemicals from products can then permeate the top layers of skin, causing irritation and inflammation. This gives room for pathogens to enter the skin. Sulphate based products may be excellent cleansers. However, a lot of studies have pointed out that it is toxic and carcinogenic as mentioned above. Sadly sulphate is the key culprits of hair loss and thinning hair, it destroys hair follicles and hinders hair growth.


That is why all our products are Parabens and Sulphate free. Our motto at Helium has always been “No Sulphate. No Paraben.No Problem”.