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From Boys to Men

  None escapes from the sword of time. With styling, the sword is doubled edged. On one side is the change in fashion trends around us and on the other, it is the change in style expectation as we grow…from boys to men.  We graduate quick slapdash styling in college to earnest grooming for the corporate role. Everyone struggles […]

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How to select Men’s Hair Styling Product

Which Hair Styling Product Should I Use? Picking an appropriate hair styling product can be a challenge. There are many companies selling different types of products. If you keep safety as the primary criteria for product selection then you can easily eliminate 80% of product choices. Don’t forget to see our blog on hair safety […]

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What Men Must Know About Safety Of Hair!

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No, they won’t! It would be easy for you and for us if we were to state that. It’s simple and if the question is qualified as – Will Helium products harm my hair? – then it is true too. True that Helium Products do not harm. But we are not going to gloss over […]

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The Bombay Mix

Spice it up! How to mix hair styling products for best results.

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